About Bhargava Designs

Bhargava Designs is the leader in the market who are providing the best Embroidery Digitizing service, Vector Conversion service and Embroidery patches.

Our success on Digitizing and Vector services is the result of our dedication to provide the best quality results with enhanced details and lower rate of thread breakages and crisper designs with less wastage and increased production rate. We work hard to meet the deadlines of the clients.

We are proud of our team of highly capable experts who make all this possible. Our team consists of the best in the business, who are trained to handle large orders as well as to meet the deadlines so that we don’t have to keep our clients waiting. We have the latest technology in both the hardware and software aspect. And all these forces enable us to provide the 24 hours turnaround time. And this is not just a promise but a commitment.

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What We Offer

Bhargava Designs is one of the best embroidery digitizing service company in India & USA. We have changed the whole scenario of the embroidery digitizing service in the whole market, although it took us more than a decade to set the new standard in the quality and cost aspects in the market. There are many risks connected with the quality digitizing and even a small error can cost the whole project to go down. Hence it is advisable to utilise the professional embroidery digitizing services who have a proven record of their performance and are reliable. We have the best and diverse highly qualified team members who are not only dedicated but also are highly trained in handling huge orders and pack a lot of experience with them. Our main objective is to provide sharp designs, lower thread breakage rates, enhanced details and lower wastage, thus ensuring faster production process to meet our client’s deadlines.

Our team of skilled digitizers do have broad experience to deliver well-organized and artistic embroidery design suiting all kind(s) of fabrics, textures to you on time. We mainly work with Customers at U.S.A, U.K, Australia and Canada. Our digitizers will offer you support starting from quote till the delivery of the digitized file. Our main aim is to maintain good quality, make our clients happy and thereby grow together.

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Our Services


Many companies look to outsource their embroidery digitizing services, but run into high costs, low quality designs and companies who lack proper communication and English skills.

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When it comes to vector art services, bhargava designs is the veterian, utilizing the most state of the art of technology, we helped numerous clients converts low quality & pixilated image to vector that are sharp, clear & high resolution.

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We do embroidery patch, woven patch & sublimation patches. We can provide you superior quality @ minimum & maximum order quantity. Wherever you are in the world we can deliver you on time & of free shipping.

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Heat Transfer Stickers

We do all type of stickers Heat Transfer sticker, Sublimation stickers and vinyl stickers

Stickers will be delivered within 5-7 days from the date of approval. Free quote

50% discount on first order, refer to your friend and get 10% discount on your order.Free shipping & minimum & maximum orders also accepted.

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Client's Testimonials

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